Vesting Details

The token release schedule for Cake Panda's stakeholders is meticulously designed to ensure a fair and sustainable distribution of tokens. This structured release mechanism not only promotes long-term commitment and stability but also fosters transparency and trust among all stakeholders. By adhering to this comprehensive vesting schedule, Cake Panda aims to cultivate a vibrant and resilient community that drives the project's success and sustainability in the ever-evolving DeFi landscape.

Cake Panda team has diligently locked its token supply according to the specified vesting schedule using Pinklock, a secure token locking mechanism. This information is readily accessible on the Cake Panda Presale pool link hosted on Pinksale, offering full transparency to our community members. With Pinklock's robust features, stakeholders can trust in the integrity of the vesting process, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution of tokens aligned with our project's goals and values.

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