Tax and Rewards Flow

Tax Flow in Cake Panda (CAPA) Meme Nation


  • A transaction (buy, sell or transfer) occurs within the CAPA Meme Nation.

  • A 6% tax is applied to the transaction.

Tax Collection:

The tax is collected and sent to the Reservo Chef.

Reservo Chef Activation:

  • Value of assets in the Reservo Chef exceeds $5,000

  • An "active citizen" triggers the Reservo Chef.

  • Threefold allocation process begins

Threefold Allocation:

Assets from the Reservo Chef are divided into three equal segments:

i) Hype deflationary burn

ii) Rewarding with $CAKE tokens

iii) Funding essential activities

Divvy Reservo Transfer:

$CAKE tokens allocated for rewarding are transferred to the Divvy Reservo

Spell Trigger:

  • The Spell Trigger is activated every two weeks

  • Accumulated $CAKE tokens in the Divvy Reservo are distributed:

i) 25% is immediately distributed to loyal citizens as Spell Divvy.

ii) 75% is held in the Divvy Reservo for Era Reward.

Era Reward Accumulation:

  • 75% of $CAKE tokens from the Divvy Reservo are added to the Era Reward.

Relaunch Event:

  • Relaunch event occurs after meeting it's conditions

  • Assets from the Era Reward are redistributed to citizens

  • Token supply is reset

  • New cycle begins

Understanding this intricate tax flow and distribution mechanism provides insights into the governance and economic structure of the meme nation, enhancing transparency and participation for its citizens.

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