Compilation of all the triggers in CAPA Defi Protocol.

Reservo Chef Trigger:

Conditions: Activated when assets in the Reservo Chef surpass $5,000.

Triggering Entity: Active citizens.

Triggering Action: Divides assets into Hype deflationary burn, rewarding with $CAKE tokens, and funding essential activities.

Benefits: Efficiently manages the Reservo Chef, optimizing gas costs and simplifying the allocation of tax proceeds.

Spell Trigger:

Conditions: Activated after 14 days from the last spell or initial launch/relaunch.

Triggering Entity: Active citizens.

Triggering Action: Distributes $CAKE tokens stored in Divvy Reservo, rewarding loyal and patient citizens.

Benefits: Rewards loyal citizens, encourages tax compliance, and distributes benefits efficiently through a well-defined cycle.

Relaunch Trigger (ERA Trigger):

Conditions: Met when total token supply drops to 100 million or era reaches its one-year maximum duration, whichever is earlier.

Triggering Entity: Active citizens

Triggering Action: Resets total token supply, marks the start of a new era, and introduces controlled inflation. Distributes $CAKE tokens stored in Reservo,, rewarding loyal and patient citizens.

Benefits: Maintains cyclical dynamics, offers opportunities for growth, and ensures the perpetual nature of the CAPA DeFi Protocol.

Activity Mandate Trigger:

Conditions: Always available to citizen

Entity: The citizen's wallet.

Action: A self-transfer of 10% of the user's balances to their own address to fulfill the minimum transaction condition, preventing them from becoming inactive.

Benefits: Enhances user engagement, loyalty, and trust through a gamified mechanism, fostering an active and thriving community.

Penalty Trigger:

Conditions: Activated when a citizen becomes inactive by not meeting the minimum transaction requirement within the specified period.

Entity: Anyone within the meme nation.

Action: Initiates a penalty deduction from the inactive citizen's account, equivalent to 10% of their tokens for the first violation and escalating for subsequent violations. The inactive status is then reversed, and the activity timer resets. The entity triggering the penalty receives a reward of 1% of the penalty amount.

Benefits: Sustains an active and compliant community, discourages tax evasion, and provides incentives for triggering penalties.

Collectively, these triggers create a dynamic, transparent, and gamified environment, ensuring the sustained vitality of the meme nation and contributing to a robust and participatory decentralized finance ecosystem.

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