Token Distribution

CAPA tokens epitomize the heart of the CAPA Meme Nation economy, igniting transactions and cultivating active participation. Crafted for utility and value, CAPA tokens unlock a realm of exclusive perks, governance influence, and lucrative rewards within our dynamic digital realm. Embrace the epitome of decentralized finance with CAPA tokens, fueling innovation and prosperity across our burgeoning meme nation. CAPA token distribution represents the bedrock of our decentralized economy, with a total supply of 1 Billion (1000 Million i.e. 1,000,000,000) tokens meticulously allocated to fuel growth and sustainability. Our token distribution model ensures a balanced and sustainable ecosystem, with allocations carefully curated to benefit all stakeholders. Private investors and strategic partners secure 14% and 4% of the total supply, respectively, fostering early support and long-term vision alignment. The public round encompasses 36%, democratizing access and empowering our community. Liquidity provision, vital for market efficiency, receives 19%, while our dedicated team and advisors are allocated 8%, ensuring expertise and guidance. Airdrops and community growth initiatives each claim 2% and 7%, respectively, nurturing engagement and inclusivity. Finally, 10% is earmarked for liquidity growth, safeguarding stability and resilience.

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