CAPA Defi Rewards

Rewards within CAPA DeFi Protocol serve as powerful incentives, fostering user engagement and community growth. From spell rewards to era rewards and referral bonuses, these mechanisms play a vital role in promoting active citizenship and sustaining the protocol's dynamic ecosystem.

Reservo Chef Trigger Rewards:

Source: Assets from the Reservo Chef

Frequency: Every time the trigger is initiated.

Assets: Triggers receive a 1% reward from the assets in the Reservo Chef.

Spell Rewards (Spell Divvy):

Source: Accumulated $CAKE tokens in the Divvy Reservo.

Frequency: Distributed every two weeks (Spell Trigger)

Assets: 25% of $CAKE tokens in Divvy Reservo

Era Rewards:

Source: Total assets in the Reservo at the end of each era.

Frequency: Distributed at the end of each era.

Assets: $CAKE tokens in Reservo

Penalty Trigger Rewards:

Source: Penalty amounts imposed on inactive citizens.

Frequency: Triggered when penalties are imposed.

Assets: Triggering citizens receives a 1% reward of the penalty amount.

Referral Rewards:

Source: Assets from Reservo & other Marketing Campaigns

Frequency: Distributed at the end of each era.

Assets: $CAKE tokens in Reservo & Marketing Campaigns funds

Incentivizing participation, promoting loyalty, and contributing to the protocol's sustainability, rewards are the heartbeat of CAPA. As users navigate the cyclical nature of relaunches and enjoy financial incentives, the community thrives, ensuring a vibrant and enduring digital landscape

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