CAPA Scroll

The CAPA Scroll encapsulates the essence of Cake Panda Meme Nation, akin to the legendary Dragon Scroll in Kung Fu Panda.

The CAPA Scroll, much like its mythical counterpart in Kung Fu Panda, embodies the wisdom and power of Cake Panda Meme Nation. Just as the Dragon Scroll held the key to mastering kung fu, the CAPA Scroll is the gateway to understanding and thriving in Cake Panda Meme Nation. Token Name : Cake Panda Ticker : CAPA Contract Address : 0x71abB2c7943bAD7769cb5f5F726f0eeA92E62082 Decimal : 8 Total Supply : 1 Billion (1000 Million) CAPA Buy/Sell/Transfer Tax : 6 % Tax Usage : 2% Burn, 2% Cake Rewards, 1% LP, 1% Marketing Securing Citizenship via Participating in

Cake Panda (CAPA) tokens Tax : Buy/Sell/Transfer = 6% (SIX)

Cake Panda (CAPA): Tax Utilization via automated DeFi Protocol

Cake Panda Tokenomics

Cake Panda (CAPA) Links: Linktree : Website : Mainnet Dapp : Testnet Dapp : Telegram Discussion : Telegram Announcement : Twitter : Audit : Blog : Mirror Galxe : Galxe Campaigns Zealy : Zealy Campaigns Old CA: 0xE13288c36f5a792d95e1091bA603959d82085B2b New CA: 0x71abB2c7943bAD7769cb5f5F726f0eeA92E62082

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