Safekeep: A Haven for CAPA Citizens

Welcome to Safekeep, a unique provision within the CAPA DeFi protocol that reshapes the dynamics of engagement. Safekeep caters to the diverse schedules and commitments of users, providing them with an alternative to ensure their active participation in the vibrant CAPA community.

Why Safekeep?

Flexibility Amidst Commitments: Life is dynamic, and so are the commitments of our users. Safekeep offers flexibility by exempting CAPA tokens from the regular Activity Mandate, allowing users to contribute to the ecosystem at their pace.

Secure Storage: Safekeep provides a dedicated KEEP contract for users to securely store their CAPA tokens. This ensures the safety of their assets while encouraging continued participation in the CAPA Defi meme nation.

How Safekeep Works

Exemption from Activity Mandate: Once CAPA tokens are tucked into Safekeep, users are exempted from the periodic Activity Mandate. This exemption accommodates users who might find it challenging to adhere to the 15-day transaction requirement.

Fixed 1% Tax: Instead of the regular Activity Mandate, a fixed 1% tax is levied on the tucked tokens every 14 days. This nominal fee provides a consistent and manageable way for users to contribute without risking hefty penalty fees.

Accessible Duration: Safekeeping is accessible from Day 1 to Day 300 within a Season. This extended duration allows users to engage at their own pace while ensuring a balanced contribution to the ecosystem.

Unkeeping and Penalties

  • Unkeep within 60 days of safekeeping: 40% penalty

  • Unkeep within 120 days of safekeeping: 30% penalty

  • Unkeep within 180 days of safekeeping: 20% penalty

  • Unkeep within 240 days of safekeeping: 10% penalty

Unkeeping Before Day 300: Should a user decide to untuck their tokens before Day 300, a penalty structure is in place based on the duration of unkeeping.

Q. What is the need for Safekeep in the CAPA DeFi protocol? Ans: Safekeep addresses the diverse needs of users by offering a secure and flexible storage option for CAPA tokens. It provides an alternative to the regular Activity Mandate, fostering a more inclusive and user-friendly ecosystem.

Q. What is the fixed 1% tax in Safekeep? Ans: Instead of the regular 15-day transaction requirement, Safekeep imposes a fixed 1% tax on tucked tokens every 14 days, offering a consistent way for users to contribute.

Q. What happens if a user untucks tokens before Day 300?

Ans: Untucking tokens before Day 300 incurs a penalty based on the duration of untucking, discouraging premature withdrawals and ensuring a balanced engagement approach.

Q. Is it better to follow the regular Activity Mandate or opt for Safekeep?

Ans: The choice between the regular Activity Mandate and Safekeep depends on individual preferences and commitments. Safekeep offers flexibility for users with varying schedules, providing an alternative to maintain active participation.

Q. How does Safekeep contribute to community engagement? Ans: Safekeep contributes to community engagement by accommodating users who may find it challenging to adhere to the 15-day transaction requirement. It ensures a more inclusive and diverse participation within the CAPA DeFi protocol.

Q. What are the advantages of Safekeep over the regular Activity Mandate?

Ans: Safekeep offers advantages such as flexibility, secure storage, and a fixed 1% tax every 14 days. It is a suitable option for users seeking a balanced and consistent contribution to the CAPA DeFi protocol without the risk of hefty penalty fees.

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