Hyper Deflationary

Hyperdeflation (leading to increased scarcity and intrinsic value) is strategically integrated into the CAPA economic model to align with sustainable growth and value enhancement.

Hyperdeflation Mechanisms in CAPA Protocol:

1) Tax Burn Mechanism:

Source: 1/3rd of the tax amount from transactions is allocated for a token burn event.

Formula: Token Value Burned = (1/3) * Tax Amount = 2% of Transaction Amount.

2) Penalties for Non-Compliance:

Inactivity Penalty: Defaulters of CAPA protocol rules, especially those who exhibit inactivity, face penalties. Non-compliance results in penalties, with fines starting at 10% of the total tokens, resetting the wallet activity timer. Subsequent violations incur increasing penalties of 15%, 25%, and 40% for continued inactivity.

Penalties for Untimely Withdrawals from Safekeep:

Effects/Impact of Hyperdeflation:

Reduced Token Supply: The combination of tax burns and penalties acts as a mechanism to systematically reduce the circulating token supply.

Scarcity and Value Appreciation: The intentional reduction in supply contributes to token scarcity, potentially leading to an increase in the perceived value of the remaining tokens.

Governance Enforcement: Penalties for non-compliance serve as a governance enforcement mechanism, ensuring adherence to CAPA protocol rules and fostering an active and engaged community.

CAPA Hyperdeflation Parameters:

Total Supply (Start of Era): 1000 Million (1 Billion) CAPA tokens

Programmed END Supply: 100 Million CAPA tokens

Deflation Rate: 90% within a cycle period

ERA Time Period (Max): 1 year

Q. How does the hyperdeflationary feature impact the overall value of CAPA tokens?

Ans : The hyperdeflationary feature significantly impacts the value of CAPA tokens by systematically reducing the circulating supply. As the supply decreases, scarcity increases, contributing to a potential appreciation in the intrinsic value of CAPA tokens.

Q. What role does the era time period of one year play in the hyperdeflationary model of CAPA?

Ans : The one-year era time period establishes the duration for hyperdeflationary events to unfold. It provides a structured timeframe for the systematic reduction of the CAPA token supply, leading to a cyclical process that repeats every year.

Q. Are there any risks or considerations that investors should be aware of in relation to the hyperdeflationary nature of CAPA tokens?

Ans : While hyperdeflation can offer potential benefits, investors should be aware of the cyclical nature of the process and its impact on token dynamics. Understanding the mechanisms and dynamics of hyperdeflation is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

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