Perpetuity underscores the unending and continuous nature of the CAPA Meme Nation's Tokenomics cycles, implying a sustained and perpetual economic model

CAPA Meme Nation operates on a perpetual cycle, exemplifying the concept of perpetuity. The cycle begins with a total token supply of 1000 million CAPA tokens, undergoes strategic reductions through mechanisms like token burns and penalties, reaches a predefined threshold triggering a Relaunch event, and resets the total supply to 1 billion tokens for the subsequent Season. This perpetual cycle is coded into the very fabric of CAPA, ensuring that the ecosystem continues indefinitely.

Q. What is the significance of perpetuity in CAPA Meme Nation?

Ans : Perpetuity means that CAPA's cycles will continue endlessly. The intentional design ensures a sustained and dynamic ecosystem, fostering fairness and adaptability over time.

Q. How does perpetuity contribute to fairness in CAPA Meme Nation?

Ans : Perpetuity allows participants to engage in the CAPA ecosystem with a sense of equality in each cycle. Regardless of when one enters, they have the opportunity to participate in a system that resets and renews, promoting fair token distribution.

Q. Can participants expect consistent opportunities in each CAPA cycle due to perpetuity?

Ans : Yes, participants can anticipate consistent opportunities in each cycle. Perpetuity guarantees that the cycle of resets and Relaunch events will persist, providing participants with regular chances for engagement and rewards.


Perpetuity in CAPA Meme Nation embodies a continuous, self-sustaining cycle that fosters fairness, adaptability, and longevity. It represents a fundamental aspect of the CAPA ecosystem, ensuring that participants can actively and equitably engage in the community over an endless duration.

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